Saturday, December 12, 2009


A Christmas tradition that I have come to more than love is going to see the production of The Forgotten Carols! Last night we took Ron & Shelley (aka Devin's Parents) with us to see this wonderful production!   They seemed to have a great time which makes me smile because I love the story and music! The songs make the tears come every time.  Yes I do cry and I inherited the crying trait from my Mother. :) The Forgotten Carols help me focus on the important and true feelings of the season.  Feelings that get lost continually in the hustle and bustle.  They make me ponder and analyze my own life, analyze where and how I can be better religiously and as a person.  So I must say Thank You to Michael McClean, thanks for the numerous hours that went into years ago writing this wonderful story and music.  Thank You to the special way in which you perform this production year after year.  Thank You to not only bringing the true meaning of the Christmas Season but also to helping me become a better me! How sad I am to make the walk through Cottonwood High School parking lot when it is all over, knowing that a whole year must go by until I am able to relive this cherished  Christmas tradition.

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