Thursday, January 28, 2010

1st Kings

Institute was a delight last night to say the least, and to think I was considering not going.  Not that I did not want to or need the spiritual lift, it had just been a long day. I got to sit by myself which I love at church things because then others can not tell or see the notes I constantly write or the tears in my eyes.  It makes me nervous when others see or read my notes.  I can hear them in my head saying, "Wow why is she writing that, what is going on in her life, why does that stand out to her, does she really not know that about the gospel by now?" Anyway you get my drift and it is sad because I should not care. 
We discussed Elijah and Elisha.  Sister Warner asked the class how does this story relate to the passing of the mantle from President Hinkley to President Monson? She said what a journal entry that would be.  So instead of sharing my thoughts last night I will share them with you. 
The truth is I miss President Hinkley. I miss his humor.  He was the man that could relate and make anyone feel they had been best friends forever in just minutes.  He taught the gospel in a way that made you feel you were learning it at the feet or your own grandpa.  Following him is a task where I would say, his are some pretty big shoes to fill.  I think President Monson is doing a great job.  I think though he is different kind of leader.  Now as things have come to pass in the world it is time for serious business. It is black and white now.  With President Hinkley it was the June backyard BBQs season of life.  I think though that is what the Church needed.  To be touched spiritually in a way by love from a grandparent.  Now it is Love from a Parent.  I miss President Hinkley because he was the one I grew up with, he was the one who strengthened my testimony in the years when most people lost thiers.  I can't thank him enough.  I thank President Monson for being the Prophet we need now.  I hope this makes sense to someone.  Prophets are great people.  They have each been called of God.  I follow them with the up most faith, obedience and devotion.  And that my friends is why everyday is a gift.

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