Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The House That Built Me

What a month November has been.  If I have learned anything this month it has got to be that Family is what holds everything together.  It has been a very big month for us.  First and foremost my parents closed on a new home after 5 months of a never ending battle with UDOT.  It seemed everyday there was some new hill to climb or obstacle to get over.  Seeing what they have gone through makes Devin and I never want to buy a home.  Speaking of which this almost happened to us this month.  There was a house for sale down the street from Courtney and Stephanie's house that was selling for one hundred and five thousand.  That would have meant a cheaper house payment monthly than what we are paying for rent currently.  Anyway someone jumped on this and put a cash offer down that was more than what they were asking for the house.  I am grateful that this house did not work out for us.  We have to much that is uncertain in our near future to be buying a home.  We have Pharmacy School to get through and who knows where that will take us. 
Back to my parents. They have bought a beautiful home in Murray.  We are so happy for them but the moving process is not going as fast as we thought it would.  It will all be done by Monday.  Monday is the day that they will be turning in the keys of The House That Built Me.  Have any of you heard this song by Miranda Lambert?  It has been very close to my heart this month.  If I were to say I was 100% happy that my parents were moving to Murray it would be a lie.  Some of me is sad to see the home that I grew up in go.  Not only are my parents moving away from the home, UDOT will be tearing it down.  The time will come that we will not even be able to drive by it and say that is where I grew up.  I have not really told and shared with anyone how sad I have been about saying goodbye to the home on Bills Drive.  It is not just the house that I am sad about leaving. It is saying goodbye to the Ward that I will always call mine and always call my home ward.  It is saying goodbye to the people that taught me who to be and how to be.  It is saying goodbye to the people that I looked up to and through their examples have become who I am today. 
I remember Christmas Mornings getting up super early and sneaking out to the living room to see what Santa had left.  I remember being woke up early Saturday mornings by the riding lawn mower outside my window.  I remember watching my brother shoot basket after basket on the basketball court that my dad made and that we have our hand prints in.  Also I remember building the infamous Fort Douglas Fence.  I remember getting under the house with my mom to get out all the Holiday Decorations.  How much I did not like climbing under the stairs to get the decorations out but now wish I could do seven more times.  I remember the night before my Wedding, sitting up with my best friend Emily in the Log Cabin room just chatting about life and relationships.  There are so many things that I wont bother you with listing them all but there is one that I am most grateful for and will miss the most.  This is my room.  When I was a Junior in High School I went away over Memorial Day weekend on a Geology trip to Southern Utah.  When I came home a beautiful new room awaited me.  It was more than I could have asked for.  Wood floors, peach walls, and sliding mirror closet doors.  It was a room to behold.  I had my Dad, Mom and Grandpa Rimington to thank for this, and to this day I probably have not thanked them enough.  Until last week this room stayed the same.  Holding all of my things and most of the gifts from our Wedding.  I can't explain how much more I appreciated that room since I got married.  I feel that I have changed a ton since I got married and I am sad to say that I miss the pre married Emily a lot.  Every time that I have been able to step inside that room since getting married I feel a rush of the essence of Home and of Emily.  I am devastated to see this room go. 
The thing is, I will always have memories. And I will carry them in my heart.  I do not mean to be a downer about all this.  It is so exciting that my parents are moving to Murray and closer to my brother and I.  And we will make new memories. Thank You for reading all of this, but if no one reads this that is okay.  This has been very therapeutic for me.

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