Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Brownies for Work

My cousin Kim's Husband has been deployed and he left yesterday morning.  We did not let him go without showing our love and support.  Yesterday morning my Parents, Devin and I all went to send him off.  We all awoke at 3am and drove to West Valley together to be there for the 4am send off.  We lined 3500 South across the street from their home.  We waved flags and cheered as they drove from their drive way down the street.  For me it really hits home when you actually know someone who is serving our country.  There is a Josh Groban Christmas song that has individuals serving our country saying hello to their families for the holidays.  I have never thought anything of this song but this year I have bawled every time I hear the song.  Enough from me...We love you Nick and are proud of what you are doing.

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