Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today Ean turned 2!!! Time has flown by.  The night he was born I sat in the Marriott Library at the U in a pointless computer class that I had to take to graduate.  I remember that night well.  I cannot believe it has been two years.  It was quite rainy today but that did not stop us from celebrating.  Ean loves trains so we rode the Trax train to The Rio Grande Cafe.  It was delicious. The old time jukebox played classics that brought memories flushing into all our heads while we ate. As you can see Ean loves guacamole and Isabel had to have her ponies watch us eat. 
We had train cake and watched Ean open gifts tonight.  Isabel was there to help Ean every step of the way.

When Ean tries to say Choo-Choo it comes out Boo-Boo. 

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Bing Math said...

I have to say that in the picture of Isabel drinking her drink, she really resembles you. I think I've seen a picture of you in that same pose.

Also, tell your mom and dad I'm sorry if I was totally zoned out when they were trying to wave at me the other day.