Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Letter

This past week has been all about Pharmacy.  Devin had his Pharmacy School Interview on Friday afternoon at the U of U.  Every night up to the interview last week we practiced.  Devin came up with a list of practice questions and I asked him every single one of them.  We performed a couple of moch interviews each evening.  We would do a twenty minute interview where I asked him about five questions and he answered them.  Then we would take a break for twenty minutes and then we were at it again.  All in all I think this really helped him.  His interview went well but who knows exactly what they were looking for.  It is always different.  All we can do now is wait. 
Friday was a very spiritual day for me.  I woke up a little earlier than normal and from that point on it felt as if it was a sacred day for us.  In a way I guess it was.  I fasted for Devin and that is probably why the day felt this way.  I am so grateful that I did.  Devin dressed up in his suit, he looked great. I looked at him with grateful new eyes today.  He wanted everything to be normal.  So no I did not wake up and make him a big breakfast.  He wanted the same Cheerios he had had all week.  He took the usual for lunch.  A lot was at stake but the day made me feel like we were exactly where we needed and should be in life.  I sent little good luck wishes and prayers through my thoughts and heart to him throughout the day.  If it was not for T I would not have made it through the day.  I owe her. 
I was and am proud of Devin.  I am proud of all he has done to get to this point.  I am proud of how well he handled himself on Friday.  I would have been a nervous rec if I were him and I was up to Friday.  But Friday was different and I am glad.  I knew Devin could do the interview and he could do well. I knew that the Lord would be with him.  Ya I knew that Devin would not feel great or horrible about the whole experience.  But he has always been the one to come home after a the day of a test and say "I did horrible on that test"  just to find out later that he got a A.  Now we just wait.

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