Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Jack

Isabel and I had fun on our adventure.  We enjoyed our doughnuts!!!! They were good dounghnuts.  If you do not like frosting than Beyond Glaze is not the place for you.  I have a feeling that Isabel will be asking really soon to go back. 
Devin and I did not realize that it was daylight savings today.  This morning we were supprised that it was 10am instead of 9am.  Instead of going to Stake Conference today we went to a  baby blessing.  It was a great sacrament service.  We even got to see the famous David Archuleta!!!! Devin was so excited! Just kidding.  It was weird seeing him in that setting instead of American Idol. 
Tonight I get to go visit one of my favorite families and talk about the BYU Womens Conference.  I am pretty excited. 

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Bing Math said...

Was there a nice big stinky kid with long unkept hair and bad teeth there? He is one of my students and always tells me that David Archuleta goes to his ward. He usually sits behind him.