Monday, July 25, 2011

Ronald McDonald

Today I ran the 24th of July 5K with my Aunt Gretchen.  We both got our best time yet!  Gretchen ran it in 32.08 and I came about 10 seconds after her.  It was so fun. As good as that time was I still feel I can do better at running.  I love running the races but the training is the part that I am not so good at.  I need to do better and not eat so many sweets.  After the race my mom and I watched the parade at her place. We went to Wingers for dinner.  Devin loves Wingers. Today did not feel like a holiday to me.  We definitely did not celebrate like we usually do.  It was nice to have a day off work.  To conclude the evening Devin and I went to the Sev and got Slurpees and a Redbox. Can you tell that we are obsessed with Redbox.

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