Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vanilla Bean Paste

Tonight's plans came to me as a complete surprise but a surprise that I have needed for some time.  I was given the assignment at work to bake some cupcakes.  I knew exactly where to go to find the ultimate cupcake recipes.  Annie's food blog.  Check it out here.  I had a few questions about the recipes so I emailed her and it was decided that we would make them together.  I was so excited, work could not go by quick enough.  As soon as I got home I cooked dinner for Devin and then was off to make cupcakes.  Not only did I get to make cupcakes with Annie, I also got to see her beautiful new home!  Annie is one of my favorite people on earth.  It was great to bake and chat the evening away with her.  Her boy's get cutter everyday.  I think that her new home is beautiful.  I stopped a cupcake by Devin's parents house for Jenn on the way home. We chatted for a bit about life and the adventures ahead of Devin and I.  It was truly a wonderful evening.  Thanks Annie!

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