Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Riley & the Scooter

Tonight Devin and I went to see our cousin Riley.  Yesterday Riley had a not so great encounter with his brothers scooter.  His injury's could have been much worse.  He is on a lot of drugs and healing in his bed with his leg up.  He will be in that bed for 6 weeks.  While Devin visited with Riley I got to visit with my favorite Aunt Mary and I also got to play with these little guys above. (Please forgive me for not wearing any makeup in the picture above.) I wanted to bring one home with me so bad.  Devin said that I could get a puppy in 4 years.  Once we get a house with a yard and are done with Pharmacy School.  I will be a good patient wife and wait my four years but you better believe that I won't forget what he told me. 

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