Saturday, December 31, 2011


It has been a year for us. Probably the biggest and most exciting year for us to date.  This year everything came together perfectly for Devin and I in regards to Pharmacy school.  Not only did he get and interview at the U he also got accepted and school has begun.  I hope your 2011 has been everything you wanted it to be.  If not 2012 is upon us and here is to a better new and exciting new year.  Here is a list of some of the things we did in 2011.

Devin cut his long hair for his Pharmacy school interview
Emily went to D.C. four times this year for work
Emily went to Deer Valley for a week for work
Devin got an interview at the U for school
Devin got into the U of U Pharmacy school
Devin completed his first semester of Pharmacy school
Devin received his white coat
Emily turned 24
Devin turned 26
Emily canned beets with Ron and Shelley
Went to the Kearns Ward Reunion
Emily marched for the March of Dimes back in may
Emily helped Annie and Haley at BYU Women's Conference
Moved into a bigger apartment (down the street from our last place)
Emily ran 5 5Ks with Gretchen
Pa got called to the High Council
Emily made an awesome veggie tray for Thanksgiving
Annual Christmas dinner downtown
Went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
Emily hosted book club twice
Celebrated our 3rd Anniversary
Went to a Time Out for Women with Aunt Mary
Ate lots of Sushi

We hope you all have a great end to 2011 and have a fun time bringing in the new year!

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Bing Math said...

Sounds like a great year!