Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sunday's seem to be getting harder.  From a very young age I have always loved going to Church.  I love singing the hymns, love the peace and quiet as I sit in the Chapel (most of the time), love to see people and love the spirit that I feel.  Sunday's testimony meeting was so good.  The feelings that I felt, not what was said, made it good.  Devin and I go to church from 1-4pm on Sundays.  I am with the 3-5 year old primary kids from 2-4pm.  It has been so hard for me to keep it together the past two months in primary.  The kids have been a handful to say the least.  I am grateful for the feelings that I get at church that make the primary hours sometimes barely bearable. I love children but I come home from church angry, upset, confused and beat.  Devin loves it. :)  He tells me almost every Sunday to asked to be released but he and I both know that will never happen by me or by anyone else in the ward.  I read this talk yesterday and it gave me some enlightenment.  Enjoy.

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