Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Answers Came

I was spiritually fed this morning and last night.  Through the messages of others my testimony has been strengthened.  I was overcome by the realization once again that Heavenly Father listens to my prayers and has his own way of answering them.  My answers came.  Here are some of the notes I took today and last night. 

To be educated without the wisdom of God is dangerous.
Do your children (or those around you) see that you living the gospel is more of a burden than a joy?
Not only pray to Heavenly Father but listen for his answers.
There are people out in the world that have the gospel in their lives because you sent your children on a mission to teach them.
The Sacrament is a heavenly gift.
Is the love of God in my heart?
Remember to always have faithfulness, Unselfishness, Humility and Love in your home.
You can solve your problems in the House Of The Lord. (Temple)
Activity (your calling) in the church is how you grow.
It is not wise to decline the (a) calling in the church. 
There is never a time in life that your life circumstances will be ideal for any calling.
It is through sorrow and suffering that we gain character.
Look for the spirit in everything in life.

Remember the complaints I had last week about my calling in the primary.  Oh how I wish those words had never come out of my mouth.  My calling is one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Me having that calling means that I am trusted of the Lord.  What better thing to do than teach children the basics of the gospel. 

My cup is full.

I hope your weekend was full of goodness as mine turned out to be.  The weather here was beautiful.  I am excited that spring is upon us.

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Laura said...

The best people should always be in primary, because they teach the most impressionable age group. You seem like a perfect fit.