Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Construction Work

There seemed to not be enough hours in the day today.  It was a beyond busy day. It was busy at work and at home this evening.  I did however have twenty minutes or so in between everything else to make a quick stop at my parents house. I needed to pick up some luggage for our trip coming up.  When I walked in the door I ran into some "construction work."

Isabel and Ean came prepared with there hard hats to do construction work on the new toys that Pa and Grandma bought them. They kept telling me that they were doing construction work. 

Isabel and Ean were loving every minute of putting together their tractors.  As I was watching this work take place I could not believe how spoiled my niece and nephew are.  I wanted so badly to pull up a chair and be right in the middle of the action with them but the duties and reality of life would not allow the time for me to do so today.  I am grateful for the few minutes that I was able to see them with the pure joy of childhood radiating from their little bodies.  I am so blessed.

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