Sunday, July 8, 2012

1st Weekend of July

I spoke in church today.  All in all I thought I did pretty good.  D left right after I spoke because he had to be to asthma camp by 3.  D is participating in asthma camp this week. It is a week long camp that the American Lung Association puts on for children with asthma.  When I got home from church this note awaited me on the counter.

How awesome is that note.  I loved it.  I don't get notes very often so I for sure am keeping it forever. 

I can't believe it is already Sunday evening.  Tomorrow a whole new week starts.  We did some fun things this weekend.  D and I had a fun date night on Friday night.  We went out to dinner and went to see a movie.  We have not done this in so long. 
On Saturday I found the dog of my dreams on the side of a truck.  Of course I stopped and took a picture. 

We hope that you had a great weekend!


Lisa & Joel said...

Have a grreat week without the hubbs! Call me if you get bored or lonely! :) Cute note; nice job, D!

Nichol Family said...

You are too cute Emily! Miss you.