Thursday, July 26, 2012


What is it about summer nights?  They seam to fly by so quickly.  I love the laziness of summer but at the same time I feel there is so much to do.  For example: at this very moment Devin is sitting at his computer photoshopping pictures of our travels together.  (Our apartment walls are finally going to see where we have been together.) I am lying on my belly across the floor blogging.  The room we are in looks like a tornado or bomb went off in it. But yet we are in no rush to pick up and put things away.  Summer is here.  We must savor the last month of summer that is upon us.  I must admit that the over 100 degree weather must go.  In the car today the temperature outside the car read 109 degrees. 

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Lisa & Joel said...

Oy! That's hot! I also love summer. :) So glad you are enjoying it, Em! Miss you!