Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st Game Day of 2012

Go Utes!  Today is the first game of the season. I wore my red all day.  I even tried to keep the theme of the day going by eating some red foods for every meal.  I know I am weird.  Teresa gave me this awesome cookie at work.  She rocks.  She is actually a huge fan of that school down south so it was really nice of her to support a U of U fan. 
We watched the game at my parents place.  We enjoyed nachos and U of U watermelon.  The Utes ended their first game with a score of 41-0.  The Northern Colorado Bears did not score one time.  Go Utes.  As for that school down south, they also won their first game tonight as well.

Go Utes!
The Utes play Utah State next Friday. 

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