Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tonight Devin picked up a shift at the Pharmacy.  I went to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake City.  If you have not been to the Rio Grande Cafe you should stop what you are doing and go.  I ordered a delicious Santa Fe Vegetable Enchilada.  It did not disappoint.
After dinner I went to play a little racquetball.  I met up with one of my favorite couples in our ward only to find out that they were professionals at racquetball.  I got owned but it was fun and quite the  workout. 
We do have some great people living in our area/ward.  I am learning so much from them and their examples.  Some of our good friends moved out of the ward last Saturday.  The month of July has been kind of hard on me because I knew that they would be moving.  This couple just had a beautiful baby girl and he just graduated from college.  They are off to bigger and better things.  I keep telling myself that our day will come when Devin is done with school and he is a Doctor of Pharmacy.  It seems so far off, but I know that it will come. 
Nights like tonight remind me that there are great people that I am able to be with and associate with everyday.  I need to soak in this time and the time I have right now.  Why is this so hard to do?  Why do I keep wishing for the future when time is going by so fast? How do you slow down and enjoy life as it is in the present?


Bing Math said...

Hang in there!

Nichol Family said...

You must live in the now because you could miss something great that could be happening today :) I know exactly how I feel and have felt similar many days in my life but if you focus on your blessings now life is so much better. Love you!

Lisa & Joel said...

Well said, Em. I love you! You are right; time just keeps marching on. You'll get there. :) Enjoy what you have now (freedom!). :)