Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today is a day for mind wandering. As I sat at a baby shower, seeing friends that I have not seen since the day I graduated from high school, my mind pondered the days of my youth. As I zoned out while the beautiful paper packages were being torn apart I found myself tracing the pattern of the bricks that made up the patio which we sat on. I thought of the days that I ran to class with these girls in the halls of East High School, the nights that we toilet papered all the senior boys houses the night before our senior year started. The times Ali and I talked about our dreams in Mr. P's physics class. The nights with red and white being the only colors that could be seen dancing on and around the East High Stadium. Those were the days! I am fond of the fact that I can look back and be even more grateful today for those days than I was when they were actually taking place. The patterned bricks also made me think of the future as well. It made me picture life in ten years, living in a house with a patio just like that one. On an August afternoon with family and laughter all around as we sip lemonade and devour my moms fruit salad! Heaven! I think heaven is a place that can sometimes be held only in our hearts, not a time in our life's but feelings and memories of all the moments in our lives that brought and bring us joy. What great days the past held and what even better days the future will hold!

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Ali and Brian said...

Oh the days of East. I'm glad we crossed paths.