Friday, January 22, 2010


Brand new babies are humbling, especially when they come on nights like tonight.  As the biggest flakes I have seen this season fell on Vine Street a new baby was coming into the world. Not just any baby, Tom and Jenn's first baby girl!  Fresh from the hands of our Heavenly Father Alexandra Paige Shelley was born this quiet peaceful evening.  There is something about brand new babies that makes me cry.  This new baby was no different.  As I sat and hummed Saturdays Warrior over and over again I pictured this brand new baby.  What a blessing she will be in our lives and the lives of the ones who love her dearly.
One of the friends that I hold dear to my heart is Ali, as I met her in my Junior year of High School in Mr. Peterson's physics class we knew we would be kindred spirits (Anne of Green Gables) and even through the years that have past we still our kindred spirits.  Ali is doing great things in the world and as I sit and think about the newest member of the Shelley clan, Allie will be no different.  She will do great things in this world!
 As you hum dangerous songs, and what I mean by dangerous is the ones that make you cry, for me tonight it is Saturdays Warrior, the spirit is able to take you places that touch your heart in ways you never forget.  Tonight I pictured Allie! Allie at her sixth birthday party putting on her brand new pair of ballet slippers, Allie as she curled her hair for a high school dance, and I actually pictured her sharing the gospel and knocking on doors down a cobble stone street.  Now, who knows if any of this will really happen, all I know is that Allie is a very special gift one who has so much to offer the world and those around her. 
Congrats to Tom & Jenn for having the most gorgeous baby in the world.  And  to one of the most precious babies in the whole world with life at her finger tips we say "Welcome to the world baby Allie!"


The Shelley Family said...

Thanks for your sweet blog. Love you guys and look forward many fun family times ahead.

Laura said...

She really is a beautiful baby girl. Look at that hair! If other peoples brand new babies make you cry, just wait until you have one of your own. Those first moments when you see them the spirit is so strong with you and you feel more love than you new you were ever capable of and you just know without a doubt that your Heavenly Father and Savior love you.

Ali and Brian said...

Thanks for the compliment! You're too kind.