Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clinton's Mom

Thank You FM 100!  I won free tickets to see Swan Lake at the Capitol Theater on the radio last week.  So today we went.  I loved it! It made me want to dance again which I knew that going would.  Devin did not love it so much.  Unless it is the Nutcracker I do not see Devin being so willing to go with me to the Ballet in the future.  But I thank him this time for going with me even though he does not know the beauty in repetition.


Ali and Brian said...

That is so fun! You must have amazing luck, because things like that never happen to me. Way to go! You also look beautiful in the picture. Let's get together now that we're home from DC! You won't have to drive down to Provo!

Danny and Natalie Clark said...

hey i just saw your comment. and i would love to give you a cut- call me 2309248

Liz said...

Emily! You look so pretty :) and thank you so much for all your comments! I keep forgetting to follow your blog so then I'm never notified when you update it! But I make verything myself on Photoshop! I can totally make one for you if you email me some pictures or tell me what you want/like! Cuz I seriously love doing it! So let me know :)