Friday, February 19, 2010


A year ago it was a grey evening.  I sat in the basement of the Marriot Library taking a computer course that was required for me to graduate.   As I sat there physically I was not there mentally.  February 19th 2009 Ean Michael Mills was born.  He had some issues with fluid in his lungs so we actually did not see him for the first time until the 20th.  Anyway its crazy all the things that can happen in a year.  A year ago Devin and I had only been married a view months.  I was still in school and we were living with Ron and Shelley (Devin's Parents) to help save money so that I could finish my degree.  This year on Ean's first Birthday I look at the past and see how truly blessed we are to be where we are today!  Ean has grown into a beautiful baby boy and  Devin and I are "Off to Great Places!"  I have Graduated from College.  We have our own apartment and Devin is getting so close to applying for Pharmacy School!  Happy 1st Birthday Ean! And a very special Happy Happy Birthday to Brenda Homer!  Thank you to everyone and every memory that has got us to where we are today!

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Hey Emily - I like to read your blog! You should update it!