Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 Forms of ID

Devin took the PCAT today!!! He said that it went well but it did not go fantastic. Now we wait for 6 weeks to get his score. Both of us have been anxious and nervous for this day. Honestly, I think Devin slept better last night then I did. The hour that we had this morning before he took off to take the test was the best and I will never forget it. Call me crazy but it was comparable to the time we shared sitting in the Celestial Room right before we got married. Anyway enough of my ramblings. I am so proud of Devin and I know that he did well! Thank You for all the prayers, support and fasting that have come our way prior to this test. We Thank You from the bottom of out hearts.

Devin's Breakfast Menu....

Scrambled Eggs

Toast (buttered with Land O Lakes)

Frosted Mini Spooners Cereal

P.S. Devin was nervous that they would not let him take the test because his two forms of ID had to be exaclty the same. One of his had his middle name and the other did not. All in all no problems and he took the test.

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