Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Day of Capri's

Our first day back from Vacation was very productive. We got home last night at about 9pm and I was off to work this morning at 7:30am. Work was surprisingly pretty slow. I thought that it would be a hectic day of catching up but it really was not at all! I got a lot done and I did not have to many emails to go through.
Devin did not have school today because of fall break. Yes a whole week and no school at the U! I love the U! Devin was very productive today. He volunteered at Alta View Hospital in the morning, did most of the laundry from our trip and applied for a part time job! We will have to wait and see about the part time job.
And last but not least I got all the grocery shopping done tonight at Winco and I kept the bill under $35! We are going to be in super saving mode for a while so I was pretty proud of my groceries only totaling $32.18.
Hope you had a great day!
P.S. It is cold here! We for sure came home to the Season of Fall! I LOVE it!

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