Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Coleman

I love working for the University!  Why you might ask?  University Closure Day's of course!  Yep, I had the day off today.  While everyone else was getting up early and going to work, I was not.  I got some cleaning done, did some crafts with my cousin Kim and went to see a movie with Ron and Shelley.  The cleaning was way over due.  The crafts, lets just say it felt good to get back into the swing of things.  And last but not least the movie was pretty good.  It was especially good with the Oreo Shake that was purchased for me. (Thank You Ron and Shelley!)  So much for that eating healthier in the new year.....
I always find it strange that the days that I have off go by so much faster than the day's that I am working.  Is that a bad sign?  Does that mean I do not enjoy what I do?  Even if it does I do love the people that I work with and I am perfectly content with working with them for the next five years. 

Come back tomorrow to see a recipe that I have been excited to try and our biggest new news of the New Year!!!

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