Saturday, February 5, 2011

Track Suit

It has been way to long.  And to think that I was the one who said I wanted to update my blog everyday in 2011.  Well you better believe that I am going to go back and post for the day's I missed.  I want to make a book at the end of the year of all my blog posts.  I want it to be a complete journal of our year.  I am weird I know. You do not have to go back and read the older posts, it is just me being me. 

There is so much that I need to write.  There is so much that I have wanted to write but could not due to people that I work with read my blog frequently.  Now that the news is out I can write away.  I got a big promotion at work and I am thrilled and so is Devin!  I have moved up from being an Office Assistant to an Administrative Program Coordinator.  I am going to be working with some new amazing people and I am thrilled.  You will be hearing about them soon I can guarantee.  I am learning so much from them already.  I will be making more money (Devin is ecstatic) and I will be traveling a couple times of year.  I am very nervous and excited all at the same time. 

This last week at work has been a tornado, to say the least.  To say that work has exhausted me this week is an understatement.  I have been getting some big projects done for the CPCCRN Meeting next week.  That is right folks, come Monday I will be flying to DC with the crew to the quarterly Steering Committee Meeting.  I am very excited but to get to this point has been hard work.  I felt like I never sat at my desk this week.  I have not fully recovered from having a cold and this week did not help me get any better.  I am tired.  I will explain more later, I promise.  But for now, Good Night and here is to four more hours until the best Sunday of the whole year!
Don't forget to wear green tomorrow!

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