Monday, June 27, 2011

DC Bound

I know what you are thinking, "I can't believe she is going to DC again."  This time it was not me. Our best buddies left for Virgina today.  They will be living there.  Their flight landed at the Dulles airport in DC which is actually the closest airport to them. :( We are sad to see them leave.  We are going to miss hanging out with them whenever we want.  We are very excited for them and very excited for the adventures that lie ahead of them.  We got up extra early to see them off at the airport. I am sure glad we went.  We saved them from having to stand in those long lines.  This really helped Lisa due to her being pregnant.  We were happy to be there for them but sad to see them leave.  I am lucky because I will see them when I travel for work to DC.  Devin is not so lucky.  Devin said goodbye to them today not knowing when he will see them again.  For me, I will see them in September and I cannot wait!!!! 

The picture above was taken last Wednesday.  We went to dinner with them at Cafe Rio.  They got their salads and we got our burritos.  I loved every minute of our evening together.  Lisa is so easy to talk to.  We talked about everything that girls our age talk about and the boy's talked about Microsoft, guns and xbox. 

Lisa and Joel, we love you and miss you!  We wish you the best and we hope you enjoy all DC and Virgina has to offer!

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Lisa & Joel said...


I was finally able to get on and check out blog updates! I LOVE and appreciate your post about us. We have truly loved being so close to you and seeing you so often, but we know it's not goodbye (sounds super cheesy, but it's how I feel!). I, too, can not WAIT to see you in September! I miss you already! We love you both and we are excitd to keep our friendship going long distance! :)