Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine

Today was uneventful.  I had to give a presentation at work.  It went ok.  I thought that the practice session I did last Friday went better.  Tonight was all about Visiting Teaching.  Laura helped me fine the hidden house on Vine Street after we drove down the middle turn lane for far to long.  I am glad there was not cops around.  Which is very lucky because the cops are always on Vine.  We dropped by the hidden house to find no one home.  Even though we did not get to meet this new sister today I got to see Laura.  Seeing Laura lightens my day.  Then my Visiting Teacher came to see me.  She did  a wonderful job and said a beautiful prayer for Devin and I.  I am very glad Sarah is my Visiting Teacher.  She gets to go to one of my favorite places on earth for the 4th of July.  She will be going to Newport Beach.  I told her that I would not be thinking about her because I would be sad I was not there with her.  She understood.
Devin and I must be in a smoothie mood lately.  Last night he surprised me with my very one Berry Smoothie from none other than Costco!  Tonight we made Orange Julius.  You can find the recipe here.We will see how long the smoothie eating goes.

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Lisa & Joel said...

Yumm-o!!! I lived with a girl my freshman year that used to make orange Julius smoothies for us; they are so yummy! You are too cute! :)