Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goldie Locks

Today was wonderful but busy.  I went to Eggs In The City for breakfast with Ruby and Teresa.  These two ladies work with me and they are two of my favorite people.  I recommend to everyone to go to Eggs In The City!  My favorite cousin Carter got baptized today.  He did a great job bearing his testimony.  I have always felt a bond with Carter because we are the real redheads of the family.  In the early evening Devin and I went to see Cars 2 with my family.  I liked it because it had a lot of Range Rovers in it!  If you have not heard Range Rovers are my favorite.  I dream everyday of having one. 

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Bing Math said...

Holy Cow! Carter is a big kid! I had no idea he grew up from that little fuzzy head boy who didn't talk.