Thursday, April 26, 2012


Have you ever written an obituary? Monday night I sat at a table with my Mom and Grandpa and we wrote an obituary.  My Mom actually wrote it while Grandpa and I verbalized thoughts, suggestions and changes. My Grandpa's second wife passed away last Friday evening from terminal cancer.  She passed on sooner than was anticipated but it honestly was a blessing.  She is now free of pain and in the company of her first husband John.  This weekend will be full of family and friend gatherings to honor Nana Teni. 

Helping with the obituary got me thinking.  Have you ever thought about what would be written in your obituary?  Would there be good or bad things said?  I guess people don't typically write bad things, they just don't write anything.  What kind of things would be written about how you spent your time?  To be honest I have found myself reflecting on my life and how my time is spent.  This has been good for me.
Life is so fragile and short.  We only have this life and the time given which quite honestly we don't even know how much time we will have.  I read a book this past month called Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson.  I highly recommend it.  If you ever wonder about how truly blessed you are read this book. Also it helped remind me how important our time and our families are on this earth.
This whole month has been full of time spent with Grandpa and taking care of Teni.  I am so glad that this has been and was the case.  To say that I would do it over again is not the case.  We are all exhausted and ready for the month of May that is upon us. 
You can find Nana Teni's obituary here.


Lisa & Joel said...

Beautiful obituary. Sorry for your loss. Love you! :)

Annie said...

You guys did a good job on the obituary. It's a VERY hard thing to do. I spoke at my Grandma Petersen's funeral and wrote the obituary (with the editing of my mom) for my Grandma Huber. I was very proud to be able to do both, but they were some of the hardest things I've ever done.

Good luck to your family and your grandpa.

Bing Math said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Sorry, also, that none of us made it to the viewing. You and your mom are always so good to come to things like that for other people. We really appreciate your family's friendship and wish you and your grandpa the best!