Tuesday, May 1, 2012

31 Years

May 1st is a beautiful day.  It is the day my parents got married.  My parents have been married 31 years as of today. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  My Mom and Dad went to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate.  My Dad travels a lot.  Most weeks he lives out of of suitcase.  This weeks suitcase living has taken him to the state of Ohio. My Grandpa, Mom and I celebrated this special day with a little bit of carrot cake.  Carrot cake was the choice my Mom and Dad made for their wedding cake 31 years ago.  I know I am very sentimental.

Today is also my good friend Ali's wedding anniversay.  She has been married to Brian for 3 years.  Happy Anniversay to Ali and Brian!


Lisa & Joel said...

WOW! 31 years! Go your mom & dad! Cute cupcake!

Nichol Family said...

I think that is awesome that they have been married for 31 years! Its amazing when people can make it work :) Miss ya