Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I was given a moment yesterday.  This moment could also be defined as a tender mercy.  I believe that there are moments or instances given to each and everyone of us daily from Heavenly Father that remind us just how blessed we are and also what is truly important. 
As I look back on my Mother's Day yesterday I can't explain how blessed I truly am and have been for the past 25 years.
As the house began to empty I found myself in the kitchen.  Things were quite for a few short minutes. I stood at the sink rinsing the dessert plates and forks.  Devin had taken Calaen and Allie out side to fly a kite.  For some odd reason, that I have yet to figure out, it is always windy at my in-laws home.  The two kids were so excited to be outside with Uncle Devin.  As I looked up out the window above the sink there they were directly in line with the window. I had a straight on view.  I truly believe that what I was viewing was a brief glimpse of the future.  There Devin was, with a smile on his face, explaining and helping Calean (almost 4) and Allie (2) how to hold and watch the kite as it soared above the house.  It was the best Mother's Day gift that I could have asked for.  I am yet to be a Mother but yesterday I had a moment when I knew that Devin is going to make a great Father one day and that this moment in time is how it would be years down the road.  I would be cleaning up the kitchen while Devin played and took care of our children. The moment did not last long.  I looked down at the dishes for moment and when I looked up Calaen had let go of the kite string and Devin was running to catch it before it got stuck on the roof.  Needless to say Devin had to fetch the kite off the roof.  It made me think right then and there how glad I was to be at that place at that time looking out that window.   I did have the instinct to go grab the camera but I didn't.  I was so glad that I took the time to stay and enjoy the moment.  I need to do that more in my life.  Stay and enjoy the moment. 
I hope that your Mother's Day was grand.  I know that I could not have asked for a better Mom.

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