Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Club with Shelley & Jenn

Tonight I went to Book Club with Devin's Mom (Shelley) and Devin's Sister (Jenn).  It was so great.  We sat and ate fro yo while we talked for almost two hours.  We did not discuss the book the whole time.  We found ourselves talking about other things but none of us really cared. It was just nice to be there together and able to talk about everything and anything.  The weather could not have been better. 
It seems that fro yo is growing on Devin and I.  We have already been a couple of times just in the month of May.  I have a feeling that fro yo will be a big part of our summer.  I find that I typically get the same kind of fro yo every time we go. 
I usually get cake batter or chocolate flavored fro yo.  I top it with cookie dough bites and Oreos.  Sometimes I even add a little Carmel or chocolate sauce.  The picture below is not of the fro yo that I had tonight.  This picture is from one of the other times that we went to get fro you earlier this month.

What is your favorite flavor of fro yo?  What do you love to top your fro yo with?

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Lisa & Joel said...

Yummy! I'm with you! Chocolate or cake batter, and topped with chocolate things, sometimes some fruit. So delish.