Monday, May 21, 2012

Portland Part I

I am back from Portland.  It was a fast trip.  I am glad I went even though it was a long drive.  I went to Portland with my Mom, Dad and Grandpa.  My Grandpa's 2nd wife (Teni) passed away about a month ago and last Saturday there was a memorial service and a dedication of her grave.  It was nice to take Grandpa there so that he could be there and find closure. 
Portland was a lot different than I thought it would be.  The city looked and felt very old to me.  I did love all the beautiful trees. (I kept saying "look at all the Christmas trees.)   It was very green. I did get to go to the two stores that I wanted to make a pit stop at.

On Friday afternoon we stopped at a family favorite restaurant in Napa Idaho.

I had a good book to read and some Delicious trail mix.

Here is a picture of Portland looking south east over the city.

This was the bridge from Oregon to Washington.

  These beautiful flowers were everywhere.

Come back tomorrow for Portland Part II.

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Lisa & Joel said...

Those are rhododendrons. :) I had them in my yard when I lived in Oregon! I would fill vases and vases of them and bring them into my house!