Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Portland Part II

On Saturday morning we took a little drive to view the city and to find breakfast. We happened upon a place that ended up being a little museum of sorts. Go figure that it was a museum of diesel trucks. My Dad didn’t show any emotion about it but I am sure he was just tickled about coming across this place. (On a side note that I can explain in more detail in a different post, my Dad is Principal of Schools for CR England Trucking Company.)

After breakfast we went back to the hotel and got dressed in our fancy clothes (aka church clothes) and headed to the graveside dedication. The cemetery in Portland is massive. It is by far the largest cemetery I have ever seen. All the gravestones were flat but there was hill after hill full of them. I have never seen such a sight. It was so beautifully green surrounded by Christmas tress (aka evergreen trees). We then proceed on to the memorial service. Teni’s grandchildren have amazing talents. One of the grandchildren played the piano like she was a teacher at Julliard. She was that good.

Early in the evening we headed back to the hotel. On the way back we took two minor detours to stop by the two stores that I wanted to purchase some items from. First we went to Trader Joe’s. I love Trader Joe’s. The food that this market supplies is the best of the best. I stocked up on my favorites. I secretly can’t wait until the day when a Trader Joe’s is announced to be opening in Utah. We also stoped at Cafe Yumm.  More on this adventure will come soon.

The drive home seemed longer than the drive to Portland.  I got to drive from Boise home to Murray.  Let's just say that I am known at times to have a lead foot.  We found Mt. Emily.  We did not stop but I was sucessful at capturing a photo from the moving car.  I also did not expect western Oregan to be not as green as Portland.  For some reason I thought the whole state was lush with Christmas trees.  We made a stop in Boise for lunch and made it home by early evening. 

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