Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday's Happenings

Today included an awesome run. This run was not so awesome as it was taking place. I hurt in places that I did not even know could hurt. But with that being said I really pushed myself and got an awesome workout and felt great afterwards.

Cementing fence poles into the ground also happened to be on today’s agenda. My parents are having a party in their back yard at the end of June. We will be helping until then to get the yard exactly how they would like it to be for the party. It was so nice that it was not sunny and hot. The rain was a much needed blessing.

I finished my day with a little bit of shopping. I have not been clothes shopping in a while. I am not good at shopping because I could spend way too much money. There are too many clothing items that I would love to have. I did not go overboard but I did spend more than I was planning on. I was able to use a gift card that I received for a Birthday gift on a fun comfortable new skirt. I also bought a shirt and some makeup. I went shopping with Mariah. She and her husband live over and below us in our apartment building. She is great. It was fun to go to the mall with her. I have come to find that is much more fun to shop with girls!

Devin and I finished off the day together.  We watched a movie on the big screen and devoured some Trader Joe’s treats. 

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