Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Today included a little bit of yard work at my parents and a family BBQ in the mountains. We were only able to spend about 2 hours at my parent’s house this morning. We did get a lot of yard work done in that short amount of time. My parent’s flower beds are looking so so so much better than what they did look like a few days ago. Progress is being made folks.

We headed up the canyon for an afternoon BBQ with Devin’s family. I need to give a big thanks to Devin’s Parents and Uncle Ray and Aunt Mary. The food was great and they really did a lot of hard work to make it a fun time for all. Thank you! I did however learn a lot at this family BBQ.

1. Never forget sunscreen. This should be a no brainer for a redhead right? Somehow my brain must have not been turned on yesterday. Let’s just say my face, part and arms are a no longer white. They are now beautifully bright and pink.

2. I don’t know what is worse, maybe you can help decide?

a. Within twenty minutes of me finishing my lunch, it had decided that it no longer wanted to be in my body. So everyone at the BBQ got to witness me frantically running for the bathroom.

b. Getting to the bathroom to find that the toilets had decided that they would not flush today and that someone had already been to the bathroom with my same problem.

3. I need to learn that what others choose to do, or how others choose to act does not reflect badly on me. I can wish or pray for things to change but the truth is they never will. I have to go on doing what I know is right and being the person I am and the person that I was taught to be. With that being said, thank you so much to my parents for teaching me to be a capable, respectful and helpful adult.

(Sorry for this rant but I had to get it out of my system. Thanks for listening.)

4. I was reminded that the game called RISK is on my list of games that I do not like.

The mountains were beautiful. The smell of the fire pit made me fall in love with summer all over again. I can’t get enough of me niece Allie and I got to hold her as much as I wanted. I had a good chat with my cousin Sarah. I loved catching up with Aunt Mary. I can’t be grateful enough for the constant care and kindness of Devin’s parents and Uncle Ray and Aunt Mary towards me.

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Lisa & Joel said...

First of all, love those little braided pig tails. Second, I love the lessons you learned. Yeah, I don't know which is worse- having to use the bathroom, or having it be icky upon arrival. So sorry! I've never played risk, but I've heard enough stories that it's also on my "do not like" list. :)