Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The District Part II

When I travel to the District for work I spend my days in a hotel meeting from 8am-5pm. So I can't say that the best part of these work trips is seeing the sites because I hardly have any time to do that. I would say that one of the highlights of these trips is the food. Most of my DC posts will include foods from my favorite DC eating establishments.  Where I want to go to eat is planned at least a week or two before I even get on the plane to go to DC.
Today for lunch I went to a salad place called Chopt.  It is a make your own salad place. They have multiple options for lettuce and toppings.  After you have selected what you want they take your whole salad and chop everything up.  Then they coat your salad in a dressing of your choice and top it off with pita bread. 

Tonight Teresa, Devin and I went out for pizza. The pizza and company were both great!

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