Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The District Part III

Today was another full day of meetings.  After the meeting we had a very busy but great evening.  It started out at a restaurant called the District Taco.  It was kind of like Chipotle.  We liked it a little better because of the all you can eat salsa bar. 

After dinner we got to go where no one else has gone before.  Well except for the president I guess.

Okay, we did not really go into The White House.  We stopped by a gift shop to find a Christmas tree ornament.  Devin and I have a tradition of buying an ornament every place we travel together. If you spent money at the gift shop they let you take pictures using these replica backgrounds that they had made up.  We felt pretty cool, like the real deal. 

Then we were off to take pictures at the Martin Luther King Monument.


Bing Math said...

Where is the Martin Luther King Monument? I don't see it in your pictures.

Jillian said...

Those White House pictures are funny!