Monday, June 4, 2012

Half Birthday Bash

Devin turned 26.5 today! We both did not see each other until 9:30 in the pm but we still celebrated!
I got Devin a Washington D.C. travel book that he has been wanting.  You see, we will both be in DC in a matter of days.  He is going for fun and I am going for work.  We are planning on meeting up in the evenings to do some fun things together.  It will be interesting for sure.  Devin has never been with me on one of my work trips.
Back to our Half Birthday Bash.  I decorated the apartment a bit.  We have an a little joke about Hello Kitty that goes back to our dating days.  That is why the crepe paper is pink and Hello Kitty.  I also bought Devin a piece of Mud Pie to enjoy.  I did not make any homemade goodness because I am trying to get/stay in shape.  I did however sneak a few bites of Devin's Mud Pie.
I can't believe that in 6 months from today Devin will be 27.  It will most likely be snowing.  And last but not least, Devin will be halfway through his second year of Pharmacy School. Let's not talk about December though.  I am ecstatic that summer is here and the fun things that are little family of two has planned.

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Jenn said...

Happy half birthday bro! And you are so cute to celebrate these, Emily. (I'm going to steal your tradition sometime). Happy happy! Love you both!