Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Dexter

Today a great friend of mine was able to bless his new baby boy named Dexter.  I was so happy for him.  As he and his wife both stood and bore their testimony's today I was filled with happiness for him and his family.  A few years back this good friend of mine would not have been able to bless his or any baby for that mater.  I am so happy that he was able to do so today.  Sometimes it is hard to make the decisions that we know are the right ones.  I am glad that Dex has brought both his parents closer to the Savior.  I hope they can grow closer together and closer to the Savior as their family continues on into the future. 
I also got to spend some quality time with Devin today.  Church was good.  We even started a puzzle today.  Devin and I enjoy doing puzzles but we have not been able to sit down and do one in a really long time. We did not finish it today and who knows if we will finish it before it needs to be put away. It was enjoyable and relaxing to get finished what we did today.
Thank you for Sundays.  I don't know if I could keep on going in this life if I did not have Sunday each week.  I hope your weekend was great.  It is back to work for me tomorrow.

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