Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Shopping

Devin and I decided to join in all the excitement of back to school shopping today. Devin needed some new pants and shirts for school so we headed to the factory stores near Park City. We were there with everyone else and their dog.  It was so crowded.  We still enjoyed ourselves and got some great clothes for great prices.  I am not really going back to school.  Devin is, I am not.  I can never say no to new clothes though.  I can't help getting that felling of excitement of a new year just getting ready to start.  I probably will always buy new clothes in the month of August, even when Devin is done with school. I think it just might have become habit for me in all the years that I did go back to school shopping for myself.


Are you going back to school shopping?  Do you buy new clothes this time of year even if you are not in school or going back to school in a couple of weeks?  Maybe I am just weird.  I am very excited about my purchases today.

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Lisa & Joel said...

I LOVE the fresh, fall, football season, back-to-school feeling as well! I didn't bought new clothes this year or last year, but I still get that feeling. :) Fall is my favorite time of year- I'm getting excited!