Monday, October 26, 2009


Here is to the day before the storm!  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow so tonight was the night to get out and enjoy all that fall has to offer.  First was to Wheeler Farm with Grandma, Grandpa, Isabel and Ean.  The leaves were beautiful and the weather was fantastic, no jackets needed.  Not only were we there but I also counted eleven families there with various photographers getting fall family photos taken.  I guess everyone got the memo that the storm was coming.  Anyway it felt great to breath in the crisp autumn air and conversate with Isabel about her favorite horse at the farm that she named Marshmellow. 
Next after Devin came home from school it was off to Kim & Kyles for a night full of Halloween delights.  We all carved our own pumpkins. I had no previous plan for my pumpkin I just went at it.  The U for the mouth of the face of my pumpkin is in tribute to me being a new employee for the University of Utah and the rest, who knows what.  Lets just say I was the first one done.  Kim made some delicious pumpkin dip that we devoured along with some vanilla wafers.  And of course after all this was over we indulged ourselves in a game of pounce, a new game/tradition we have come to love.

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