Saturday, November 7, 2009


This year Halloween for us was in IDAHO!  We spent the holiday with Tom, Jenn, Ron, Shelley and Caelen in Idaho.  Caelen has not and will not stop growing he is so big! My favorite thing that he is saying now is Alligator.  It comes out Alliga... He was a spider this year and now is for sure a pro at the Trick-or-Treating thing.  We all went Trick-or-Treating with him, yeah six adults and a one year old.  For him only being one he did pretty good.  He got some full sized candy bars!  We had chili and cornbread for dinner, my personal fav is cornbread.  Jenn is doing so great with this pregnancy, January 27th will be here before we know it.  Church on Sunday morning was an all time classic that I will never forget.  Caelen would say go and point to the double doors leading out of the chapel during Sacrament Meeting.  And lets just say the row behind ours was an adventure meant for the jungles of South America! All in all it was a good holiday full of family and food.  And lets not forget to mention the hour and half traffic jam we got caught in up by Hill Air Force Base on our way home.  One of Shelley's personal favorite memories of the whole trip! :)

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The Shelley Family said...

Nice pictures! I think I posted the same ones! I know Devin took them though and I give him full credit. (You can tell him that too). And I can't wait to party again for Thanksgiving.