Thursday, October 21, 2010

Number 14

Tonight I went to Book Club. We discussed this book.  It is definitely a book that is hard to get into but was well worth reading in the end.  I am really enjoying this whole Book Club thing.  More than I thought I would.  If you ever want to join our Book Club fill free to let me know. 
Devin had his second Basketball game of the season!  The other team did not show up so they played pick up ball. Devin played very well.  It was fun to see some ladies from the ward and catch up with them. It was an eventful enjoyable evening.


Ali and Brian said...

I'm dying to be in a book club! But I don't have a car at night (Brian goes to class). But please tell me all the books you read so that I can read them too.

Annie said...

I love my book club. We've read these is my words, and the sequel (or was it the prequel)...

Great books.

Where do you meet? What are you reading next?