Saturday, January 15, 2011


Tonight I watched my younger brother play High School basketball.  I can not believe he is in High School.  He is a great kid and a great Basketball player.  He is a Sophomore and plays Varsity.  Ya he is good.  Tonight was the first game of his that I have been able to attend and boy did Willie not disappoint.  Not only did he play the whole first half but he started the game!  I really enjoyed myself tonight.  It was so fun to cheer him on.  Tuesday night he will be playing right done the street and you better believe that I will be there.  Devin is coming as well and taking pictures with the D700.  So check back on Tuesday for some more Basketball highlights. 

Also tonight we finally put away all the Christmas decorations.  Usually I am sad when this happens but not this year.


Bing Math said...

Nice to see you. Good pictures. Will you come put away my Christmas decorations?

Petersen Family said...

Nice posting -- thanks for coming to the games! We love you guys!